Ultraiectini Dominii Tabula


Johannes Covens (1997 – 1774) and Cornelis Mortier (1699 – 1783)
Ultraiectini Dominii Tabula (c. 1730)

The engraving was made by Frederik de Wit (1630 – 1706). Frederik de Wit was a Dutch engraver, printer and publisher. He started a store on Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. His marriage to Maria van der Waag allowed him to join the booksellers’ guild. His atlases appeared around 1670.

After his death, many copper plates were taken over by Covens and Mortier. Johannes Covens and Cornelis Mortier were important cartographic publishers in the 18th century.

  • image: beautiful, coloured map of Utrecht Versierde titelcartouche linksboven, het noorden ligt rechts
  • year: c. 1730
  • quality: excellent
  • signed: printed in plate
  • image size: 47.1 x 57.1 cm | 18.5 x 22.5 in (h x b)
  • sheet or frame size: 68.1 x 80.3 cm | 26.8 x 31.6 in (h x b)

18th century


copper engraving





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