Le plafond de l’Opera de Paris


Marc Chagall (1887 – 1985)
Le plafond de l’Opera de Paris (1962)


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Marc Chagall, born Movsha Zakharovich Shagal, was a French painter of Jewish-Belarusian descent. Chagall has a very distinctive style that has a dreamy feel to it. He drew his inspiration from Russian folk art and life, his memories of his youth and the role of Judaism in it. He combined elements of this with the modern styles he knew from Paris, among others. He also painted Bible scenes with great frequency.

This lithograph in bright colors is a perfect illustration by Chagall of a joyful opera performance.

  • illustration: Le plafond de l’ Opéra Garnier, Paris. Printed at Atelier Mourlot on Velin paper. Fernand Mourlot was a master maker and printer of lithographs, including of Picasso, Chagall, Renoir. References Mourlot 434.
    This lithograph was made for the book Jacques Lassaigne Le Plafond de l’Opera de Paris, on the occasion of the decoration of the ceiling of the Paris Opera by Marc Chagall in 1962. On the back of the lithograph is printed a thank you for Mrs. Chagall’s valuable assistance.
  • year: 1965
  • quality: excellent
  • signed: no
  • image size: 32.7 x 24.2 cm | 12.9 x 9.5 in (h x w)
  • sheet or frame size: n/a

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