The Seeven Mountains of Bonn Coming / Vue de Seven Berege Venent de Bonne


Hendrik de Leth (1703 – 1766)
The Seven Mountains of Bonn Coming / Vue de Seven Berege Venent de Bonne (1767)
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As was common in those days, Hendrik de Leth had many trades. In addition to being an engraver, he was a printmaker, etcher, mapmaker, draughtsman, bookseller, art dealer, publisher and he collected art and naturalies.

He learned the trade of engraver and publisher from his father Andries de Leth (1662-1731). Andries took over the Amsterdam printing house after the death of the widow of Nicolaes Visscher II (a famous publisher and printer’s family of nearly a century) in 1726. He died five years later and Hendrik continued and expanded the printing business.

  • Image: view of the Seven Mountains, seen from the Rhine, from a drawing by Cornelis Ploos van Amstel. Edited by Frederick William Greebe. The print is part of an eleven-part series of prints depicting views along the Rhine River.
  • year: 1767
  • quality: excellent
  • signed: no
  • image size: 23.3 x 34.6 cm | 9.2 x 13.6 in (h x w)
  • sheet or frame size: 37.2 x 48.0 cm | 14.6 x 18.9 in (h x w)

18th century


copper engraving





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