Ultraiectini Dominii Tabula


Nicolaes Visscher II (1649-1702)
Ultraiectini Dominii Tabula (1687)
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Nicolaes Visscher II was a Dutch engraver and publisher. The Visscher publishing company spanned three generations, of which he was the last.

Visscher II published three atlases: Atlas Minor (1683), Germania Inferior (1684) and Chair of War in the Netherlands (1694).

  • image: beautiful, large (folio-sized) copper engraving of Utrecht with a mile marker at lower right. Centerfold as issued
  • year: 1678
  • quality: good, some discoloration
  • signed: printed in plate
  • image size: 46.3 x 56.2 cm | 18.2 x 22.1 in (h x w)
  • sheet or frame size: 51.4 x 61.7 cm | 20.2 x 24.3 in (h x w)

17th century


copper engraving


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