Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio (vintage)


Johannes Baptista Vrients (1552 – 1610)
Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio (1596 | 1967)
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Johannes Baptista Vrients was a Flemish engraver, publisher and map vendor. The guild of mapmakers appointed him master in 1575. He made world maps for Petrus Plancius and Jan Huygen Linschoten.

This striking world map was engraved by Dutch master engravers Arnold and Hendrik Van Langren, for the first edition of Linschoten’s Itinerario (itinerary) Voyage ofte schip-vaert, published in 1596. Vrient’s map is the second printed world map after Plancius’ 1594 world map, with a style of richly decorated borders that would become the standard for world maps for more than 100 years.

  • illustration: decorative double hemisphere world map by Johannes Baptista Vrients, the second earliest printed world map with allegorical vignettes around the two hemispheres
  • year: original 1596 | vintage 1967
  • quality: excellent
  • signed: no
  • image size: 35.7 x 52.2 cm | 14 x 20.6 in (h x w)
  • sheet or frame size: 46.4 x 62.3 cm | 18.3 x 24.5 in (h x w)

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