Ground plan of the city of Zutphen


Isaak Tirion (1705 – 1765)
Ground plan of the city of Zutphen (ca. 1750)
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Isaak Tirion was a Dutch bookseller and publisher. He settled in Amsterdam around 1725 and published a large number of books, serial works and periodicals. These included many topographical works, including Hedendaagse Historie or Tegenwoordige Staat van alle Volken in 45 volumes and Tegenwoordige Staat der Vereenigde Nederlanden in 12 volumes. Tirion also published about eight atlases, several editions of which appeared until about 1784.

  • Image: settlement map of Zutphen in bird’s eye view. From the Present State of the United Netherlands.
  • year: ca. 1750
  • quality: excellent, some time stains in margin
  • signed: no
  • image size: 17.0 x 24.0 cm | 6.7 x 9.4 in (h x w)
  • sheet or frame size: 35.4 x 45.4 cm | 9.4 x 17.9 in (h x w)

18th century


copper engraving





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