Would you like to have your purchase framed at Ca-Art? You can!

A burr walnut frame is a classic, but there is no arguing about taste. So if you have a preference for, say, a black, pine, light oak or just a gold frame, let us know. Some examples:


The work is placed behind a passe-partout made of acid-free cardboard, making it stand out beautifully. You can choose between anti-reflective glass and museum glass. The difference lies in the method of anti-reflection. Museum glass uses a coating that is also UV-resistant. In the case of anti-reflective glass, the glass is slightly abraded.



Ordinary glass is certainly also an option. Compared to anti-reflective glass, the colours are slightly brighter and the image sharper. For all types of glass: never hang an artwork in the sun, it always affects the paper.


As different sizes are involved, it is not possible to give a standard price list. Please contact us for more information.



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